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Would you like to make your book content available digitally and interactively? With eSquirrel, implementation is quick and easy. A digital course from eSquirrel gives your book added value and gives you an overview of the use of your content.

And the best part? Your turnover increases
through the attractive additional offer!

Creating great content together


With eSquirrel, your textbook becomes GDPR-compliant, digital and interactive. With us you can achieve this much cheaper, more effectively and more user-friendly than with your own software developments.

Validiertes Produkt

With eSquirrel you have a product validated by 100,000 users! With our intuitive authors-tool, new courses can be implemented quickly.


With an eSquirrel course you get a clear overview of the use of your product. Teachers prefer to use eSquirrel because they only need to use one app for all of their subjects.


By providing your digital content, you increase your sales. Experience shows that teachers prefer to order books with eSquirrel.

Here’s how it works


(Tutoring) teachers create a new class with their book and pupils practice using the app. Teachers can see the progress of the entire class.

Same structure as in the textbook
Students find their way around the eSquirrel course immediately.

Linked to your textbook

The question in the quest is linked to the correct page in the e-book. Students always have the e-book with them.

Mit Ihrem Buch verlinkt
audio video and algebra

What else we offer:

  • Creation of eSquirrel courses based on your textbooks
  • Publication and application of these courses in the eSquirrel store
  • Individual interfaces to publishing tools or government platforms such as SSO authentication, LMS, etc.
  • We are providing your very own app“powered by eSquirrel” with customized colors, collectibles

Our partners


3 steps to the eSquirrel app

You can choose from two different options:

We create for you With our pool of over 50 authors, we have learned to create high-quality, mobile-optimized courses inexpensively within a few months. You can also export these courses and use them outside of eSquirrel after the contract ends. one time € 4 – € 20 * per task
Assistance with self-production If you or your authors want to create the course yourself, you are welcome to do so using our intuitive authors-tool. We support you economically with our professional editorial team. You can then update or expand the course at any time free of charge. Of course, you can also freely dispose of this course. one time € 0.50 per task

* Prices vary depending on the complexity of the task.

As a result of the resulting sales boost, you will usually be able to cover the investment costs through a fraction of the additional sales in the first year.

You have the choice to offer your online course as an add-on to the book free of charge or to sell it for a fee via our platform. Details about our price packages.

Option Free of charge to the book Paid for the book
Starting position Do you want to make your book more attractive and increase book sales? Are you satisfied with your book sales, but do you want to offer your customers additional added valueonline with high-quality digital additional material?
Solution Offer your coursefree of charge to your book (using a code). Sell your course on our e-learning platform.
Costs You pay us € 1 per code redeemed. Depending on the number of your courses, the costs are reduced to € 0.50 after a certain amount of redeemed codes. So that the costs cannot go on forever, there is also anupper limit. You pay us an annual fee for each course. This starts at € 700 and decreases with the number of courses. We take care of support and ongoing maintenance.
You receive 50% of the simple contribution margin per course sold, i.e. minus the fees of Android and iOS.

True to the motto: “Instead of paying € 7.99, I get the online course for free because I bought the book”, your book automatically gets a higher value. You are also welcome to combine both options so that nobody who has not bought the book is excluded from the online course. In this case you save yourself the annual fee.

For Austria: We also take orders for the textbook campaign (as an e-book plus or teaching material of your own choice) free of charge.

With a lead time of 3 months, your course is ready from the placement of the order. It is now available offline in both app stores(Android, iOS) both on smartphones and on tablets after a single download. In addition, a web accessis set up, through which teachers can also order collective licenses for entire classes. The perfect integration of your course into the classroom can create an ideal blended learning environment.

How do the students (and teachers or course institutes) get to the course?

  • Students buy a single license in the app, take out a subscription or enter the code from their book in the app.
  • Alternatively, teachers / course instructors / course institutes order using our class license – Here teachers get cheaper, but time-limited places for their (virtual) class, which they can create in the teacher portal. They receive a class code and use it to invite their students to their class. The settlement can be done via the school management, the parents’ association, the state, the municipality or other institutions.

eSquirrel offers great added value to our school books! Finally something really innovative, which students like to use and which also makes work easier for teachers.

Due to the possibility of using eSquirrel free of charge, I have been using it with my classes since distance learning since mid-March and am thrilled with it. Even now, in addition to face-to-face classes, I very much appreciate the exercises that are perfectly tailored to the textbook.

I’m a big fan of eSquirrel and have also received a lot of positive feedback from the parents.

Do you want more?

White label solution
Do you want to be present with a completely own app? This is possible with eSquirrel.DELUXE.

E-Book PLUS, own interfaces

We are also happy to help you with your license to practice as an E-Book PLUS(in Austria), create an e-book reader or create additional interfaces for you. Let’s talk it over! We generally provide additional services at an hourly rate of € 100, but we are also happy to offer a fixed price.

Individual contract work

We also have certain capacities for contract work in theEdu-Tech area.